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1. We had intimated all the parents during the 1st quarter that the increase in fees and other charges for the academic session 2020-2021 have presently been kept in abeyance and the fees structure of the academic session 2019-2020 will be applicable and payable, until further notice.

2. We are now reversing the increase in Annual Session Fees, Tuition Fees and Bus fees included in the 1st Quarter fees of the academic session 2020-2021.

3. We are also giving you a credit for the unincurred expenses of the bus services for the 1st Quarter.

4. As per communication from the Bus service provider, the unincurred expenses of the bus services from July’20 till the school resumes will be upto 50%. We shall therefore charge only the proportionate charges paid by us to the bus service provider for the period July’20 till the school resumes. We shall give credit for the rebate received by us from the bus service provider for this period in the fee slip/s of the subsequent quarter/s.

5. As informed, only the proportionate charges incurred by us for hostel services is being levied and rebate of 50% towards the unincurred expenses of the hostel from April’20 till the Hostel reopens is being provided.

6. Parents who are facing difficulty in paying the 100% fees due as on 30th September 2020, are requested to pay at least 80% of the total fees due within 15th Sept. 2020.
Kindly e-mail us on fees@dpsdurgapur.com to know the amount payable and to get the payment link for remittance of 80% of the due fees.

7. For any clarifications regarding payment of fees and option to pay the fees on a monthly basis, please mail to fees@dpsdurgapur.com.